Take a screenshot as vector graphics or at a higher resolution than native

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I need to take some screenshots of an application window. My laptop resolution is low, and I'd like to get high quality images.

Is there a way to grab the screen as vector graphics (e.g. EPS, PDF, SVG)? Alternatively, is there a way to take a screenshot with higher resolution than the native one?

My native resolution is 1366×768, while I'd need at least a resolution of nearly 4000×3000.

Best Answer

Of course! Yes, you can do that. You will need a UI rendering engine that has vector backend. Gtk+ 3+ has that backend. Please see this project:

But you should know the application should be able to run on Linux using Gtk+. Maybe you can create mockups either with this method, or using Microsoft Visio for having vector output.

See these samples:

If you are a Debian/Ubuntu user, for installation you can simply do

$ sudo apt-get install gtk-vector-screenshot
$ take-vector-screenshot

And then you only need to choose what application you want to take screenshot with your mouse. Curently, the application should be a Gtk+ 3 for a successful vector screenshot. The result will be a PDF file in the current working directory.

take-vector-screenshot application

PS: Good news: Firefox 42 will be using Gtk+3.