Can Photoshop produce vector based graphics

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I am researching vector based graphics and I know people use Illustrator for these, but if you are drawing in Photoshop, does it also produce vector based graphics? Would you still save it as a .psd? Then export as a SVG or EPS?

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Yes, but you should use smart objects. It has specific usages, mostly when you are working with a mixed Raster-Vector-Font objects. Usually, when you import objects from vector creation software, they are first converted to raster. But, as Adobe says Photoshop supports Smart Objects that "preserve image’s source content with all its original characteristics".

For example when you want to create a website using Photoshop, if you design everything in Raster, then you can't easily scale things and create a responsive web site.

But, using smart objects, you can use vector objects like UI elements and icons in Photoshop. When exporting to output formats like PDF, etc., these vector elements will be exported as vector objects, along with the raster images and pictures.

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At last, for selecting appropriate software, you should know exactly what you want to achieve. I can't see this in your question.