Networking – Can the landlord access the personal network because he controls the upstream connection


Can my landlord access the things on my personal router's network because he controls the upstream connection? For example: the DLNA on my NAS, a public file share on my NAS, or the media server running on my laptop?

My configuration: I have my own router and connected to it are a NAS (wired) and a laptop (wireless.) The INTERNET/WAN port on my router is plugged into a LAN port on my landlord's router. The INTERNET/WAN port on my landlord's router goes to the cable modem. I am the only one with access and the password to my router. I don't have access or the password to my neighbor's router or the cable modem.

Best Answer

No, your router should block incoming access to your LAN just like it would if it was connected directly to the Internet. He may be able to sniff your Internet traffic though (since he's between you and the Internet).

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