Cannot change powershell default font to Lucida Console


This is a trivial problem, but it annoys me that I can't get to the bottom of it:

I'm running Windows 8, Powershell version 3.0. By right-clicking on the title bar I can go into the Properties and change the font, size, background colour etc without any problems.

After closing and restarting Powershell, all of the changes I've made stick except that if I've set the font to Lucida Console then on reopening I get the Raster font.

(Note that all of the above applies to when I run Powershell as Administrator.)


  • If I set the font to Lucida, then it switches to Lucida for the remainder of the session.
  • If I set the font to anything other than Lucida, then it stays as that after closing and reopening.
  • If I alter the window sizes or text colours or anything else, the changes persist after reopening.
  • The only thing that goes wrong is that if I set the font to Lucida, it switches to 'Raster fonts' when I reopen.
  • But cmd and powershell ISE don't have this problem – only the powershell console.

Can anyone suggest what might be going wrong?

(One observation I've made is that upon re-opening Powershell after setting the font to Lucida, at first the width of the window is what it would be if the font were Lucida, but then after a second, it widens slightly to accommodate the raster font.)

Best Answer

This guy had the problem as well. His solution worked for me too:

However, my shell in Windows 7 refused to save the setting and insisted on changing back to Raster Fonts when I re-opened PowerShell. It worked fine with Consolas, but I wanted Lucida

The Workaround: Select a font size other than 12 points.