Cannot Resolve Host Or Access Website Through Router


This is weird. I am on Windows XP with Edimax BR 6204Wg. I have 3 devices – 2 laptops and 1 smartphone. 1st laptop and smartphone are connected through WiFi to router and 2nd laptop is connected through LAN to router. Before firmware upgrade i did not try to access website but after firmware upgrade to latest version:

i had problems resolving host, pinging, tracerting and accessing website. Sometimes ping and tracert work but i cannot access website and sometimes i can access website but ping and tracert do not work. Weird?

I downgraded to previous version and no changes.

If i can no longer access that website through Internet Explorer, i can access it in Firefox. I tried deleting cookies, clearing cache and that seem not make difference. Switching LAN port did not make difference.

When i disconnect router and connect laptop through LAN to internet modem, everything is normal. I tried resetting router, resetting to factory default settings and all did not help.

At the moment i can access website on laptop connected through LAN from Firefox and Internet Explorer, but on my smartphone i can access website only with Opera but not with built-in browser and Skyfire.

UPDATE: I just could only access with Internet Explorer but not with other browsers on my PC. Minutes later i could access with all browsers. But on smartphone i could only access with Opera and not with other browsers. I am confused.

I also determined that sometimes i can access and sometimes can't. What is also weird is that when ping and tracert cannot resolve host, i still am able to access website.

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