Windows – Cannot Update Graphics Drivers – OEM or Generic – Driver does not support this version of windows. – Toshiba – Intel HD 4600

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I am completely unable to update intel hd graphics 4600 driver.
I have tried using OEM drivers(from Toshiba) and Generic Intel drivers.
I have tried the built in exe installers (setup.exe) and using device manager but everytime I get an error.
Setup.exe say You don't meet minuium requirments
Device manager says Your driver does not support this version of windows.

I have checked many times and downloaded 64bit Windows 10 version that I require.

I don't have a proper graphics card like amd or nvidia just a integrated intel hd graphics 4600

Hardware IDs:


Windows Update has managed to install updates itself for version
Is this the lastest and is this trustable?

The reason I wanted updated drivers is becuase I thought I might be able to play my favourite game PvZGW2.
On it's specification it says it requires a graphics card.
But I have found many youtubers who have played without a card with low quality.
When I open it says I need to update to Intel driver xx.xx.15.4251?
I cannot find this driver so am assuming I have a higher version…
When i launch the game the it just goes black and then says there was a problem making it crash da da da. Windows will now try and fix it.

Thank You !
Could this be anthing?
Problem signature:

P1: GW2.Main_Win64_Retail.exe


P3: 581be994

P4: igdusc64.dll


P6: 5702a750

P7: c0000094

P8: 00000000002163ec