Can’t connect Printer (MP980) wirelessly(or with ethernet) to computers

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I have an N1 Vision, it gives devices an IP in the 192.168.2.x range and I've just connected my printer to the network using ethernet and on the printer's screen (the printer is canon MP980) it says the IP address is

How do fix this? As my computers can not see the printer and therefore can't print to it.

Well I tried it wireless and it still will not be found by any of the computers on my network, although it says the IP address is and I can access the printers page by going to the IP address.

But because the printer has a USB slot for Flash drives it shows up in network as a computer (so you can acccess the USB drive over the network), an normally both the computer and printer show up in Network Devices but now only the computer is.

So it is aware the printer as a device is there, but it doesn't recognize the printer side of things.

EDIT2: The printer was working fine on all the computer then suddenly one day I changed the security on the wireless so I had to reconnect the printer, and after it was reconnected none of the computers could find it, even those with the Canon software installed.

Best Answer

IPs in the 169.254.x.x subnet are automatically assigned using automatic private IP addressing when no DHCP server can be reached (and therefore no proper IP has been assigned). Typically, this can happen if you accidentally connect a printer (or other device) to a network where no DHCP server is present (or for example if you plug the printer directly into your computer via Ethernet).

If possible, try hard-coding the printer's IP address to a valid address in the 192.168.2.x subnet.

Otherwise, double-check all the cabling to ensure that you're really connected to the network properly.

You may also try resetting both the router and the printer to see if perhaps either the DHCP server on the router or the DHCP client on the printer malfunctioned in some way.

Some info on Wikipedia is here.