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Yesterday, I added a password containing a ! to my BIOS. Unfortunately, the password prompt that asks for the password when you boot doesn't let you write a ! (i.e. the little * isn't added and it tells me it's the wrong password).

So I Googled how to remove that password and stumbled upon this previous question.

So I have 3 options:

  • Miraculously find a way to enter a !

  • Find someone at ASUS that can give me the rescue password

  • Open up the computer, remove everything that could provide power to the motherboard and hope that it either removes the password or resets the date to a date for which the rescue password is known

  • Somehow use the long list of codes linked in the previous question to reverse engineer the algorithm generating the code and use that to generate the code for today

Any help in either direction is welcome.

About finding a way to write the !, my computer has a QWERTY keyboard so ! is Shift + 1. I also tried to write it using Caps Lock but it didn't work. Since my keyboard was originally an AZERTY and I changed it, I also tried using it as an AZERTY or plugging a USB AZERTY keyboard but both were considered as QWERTY keyboards (or at least as keyboards where the keys that add little *s are exactly the same as on QWERTY keyboards).

I also tried (as suggested in an answer) to use the ASCII code 33 for ! but Alt looks like it gets ignored since it adds two *s.

So a solution in that direction seems unlikely.

About finding someone at ASUS, I tried the customer support in France by phone and in North America by chat. Both told me that I had to send it to a repair center and that it would be an out-of-warranty repair because it concerned the BIOS. And either they didn't know the rescue code existed or they weren't allowed to even mention its existence.

I also tried to ask to ASUS Twitter feeds. I got answers telling me to contact customer support directly and one answer from ASUS France telling me to log into Windows and change the date to a specific date for which they had the rescue password. Unfortunately, I am prompted for the password whenever I boot so I can't get into Windows.

I also sent emails to every customer support thing I found but so far I didn't receive any other answer.

I could open the computer and I already did it once to replace the keyboard. But I really would prefer not to mess with things I don't understand again. Plus I'm not even sure it'll reset either the password or the date. So that's my last resort solution.

I haven't been able to recognize any pattern in the sequence of rescue passwords.

Here's what I have so far (top line is character, left column is indice at what index it appears in the string):

          0     1     2     4     9     A     B     C     D     H     L     O
    0   237   246   106   109   106  1243   575   109   215   105   355   244
    1   220   215    95   100   125  1265   575   120   245   140   310   240
    2   200   240   120   120   120  1201   620   110   280   110   299   230
    3   230   190   130   130   140  1240   561   110   209   100   370   240
    4   280   210   120   110   100  1170   620   100   240   100   340   260
    5   120   360     0     0    60  1171   949    60   120   240   480    90
    6   240     0   111     0     0  1260   720     0   600     0   719     0
    7   190   240   120     0   120  1079   941   120   480     0   360     0
Total  1717  1701   802   569   771  9629  5561   729  2389   795  3233  1304

Other things tried:

  • I tried entering 3 wrong passwords as suggested in this page linked in the previous question but instead of giving me a code, it gets stuck on Invalid Password.

Potentially relevant information:

  • It's an ASUS RoG G751JY bought about a year ago

  • I did a fresh install of Windows (so there is no more recovery partition)

That's it. Thanks in advance for your help.

Best Answer

Proven option
I have always been successful in resetting the BIOS by removing the CMOS battery. I'd recommend removing the power to the laptop and then remove the CMOS battery. The bios battery looks like this and it keeps track of time and BIOS contents.
enter image description here

Wait for a couple of minutes. This action will reset the contents of the BIOS and will let you enter without any passwords.

If you need instructions on how to open your laptop, you can look at the YouTube video here

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