Windows – Cant find computermanegment by searching in Windows 8.1

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I realy loved windows 7 but i use now windows 8 and one simple thing drives me nuts. Using windows 7 i was able to to press the windows key and then just type "computermanagement" to find the computermanagement console.

Now when i try to find the computermanagement console on windows 8.1 it does not find it and it drives me nuts. Im only able to open the computermanagement searching for compmgmt.msc or computer and then right click on computer and then press "manage".

Is it somehow possible to make windows find the management console using the keyword "computermanagement"?

Best Answer

It’s called “Computer Management”, with a space. I currently don’t have an English Windows 8 available but I can find it by its German name “Computerverwaltung” no problem.

Whether or not this works probably depends on whether you chose to show the “Administrative Tools” folder in your start menu/screen:

  • On the start screen, bring up the charms bar (WinC)
  • Select “Settings”, then “Tiles”
  • Enable “Show administrative tools”

Don’t worry, they’re only visible in the complete view, they aren’t forced onto the customizable start screen.