Can’t get 3 monitors to work at the same time with 2x ATI 6900 with DVI

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I have 3 monitors, with two ATI 6900. I want to use all monitors using DVI. Is this possible? I'm using Windows 7. I can only get two of the monitors to work at the same time.

Best Answer

  • Ensure you don't have CrossFireX enabled as when it is enabled then the video ports above 2 will be turned off so that performance of the two cards can be combined and delivered on those primary and secondary ports (only).

    From AMD/ATI:

    Multiple Monitors with ATI CrossFireX™ Configuration

    ◦ When ATI CrossFireX™ is active other display devices other than the primary and secondary monitor connected to the Digital Video Interface (DVI) or Video Graphics Array (VGA) are rendered inactive.

    Other than that, we'll need more exact info, like card models, configuration, ports tried, etc.

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