MacOS – Can’t get dropbox to move to Root on OSX


I want to move my dropbox folder from HDD/users/pete2k/dropbox to HDD/dropbox however whenever I try and do this using the 'gear icon' –> 'Dropbox location' I get an error saying…

Can't create a Dropbox folder in the requested location

I believe this is because of permissions. Because when I manually create the folder I have to enter my password.

Is there any way in OSX to essentially run dropbox 'as admin' like you can with windows to stop this happening?

Best Answer

Go into Dropbox preferences -> Account tab. If you hold down the command/option key, the "Unlink this computer" will become "Fix permissions." Click this button (while holing down the key) to run Dropbox's permissions fix utility. You should now be able to change the location of the entire folder.

This solution worked for me about a year ago so your results may vary.

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