Can’t go to BIOS/Boot Menu, keyboard cannot work there


I have a weird problem. Some months ago all ports of my PC were damaged. So literally no port is working (USB, Audio, Serial, Keyboard/Mouse, only VGA
is working) I went to a repair shop and the guy installed a PCI USB card. So
I am again on all ports with USB mode.

Here is the problem, since the port is not a normal USB port, so the keyboard is
not ready on boot, keyboard only works from login screen in Win 7 and onwards.

Is there any solution for me to go to boot menu or make the keyboard work in
current circumstances?

May be a windows based BIOS menu or something that forces me to go BIOS.

I have Intel Core i3 (3rd Gen), DH61CR.

Best Answer

Have you considered going in to the case (I'm assuming this is a desktop since you said a PCI card got installed) and unplugging the hard drive? From there, the next-in-line device in your boot order (usually an optical drive) will attempt to boot since the hard drive is no longer visible. Assuming you have a Windows DVD (or a recovery disk if this is a pre-fab computer), it should boot far enough to allow recognition of the PCI card and hence, the USB devices.

Alternatively, if you're comfortable doing it, you can just replace the motherboard. Depending again on what you have, that would be around $50-$200 or more. A lot of gamer-centric boards are pricey because they allow for extra options or have extra slots/ports that a lot of people will never use. A vanilla mobo, though, can typically be found for $50 or so. Note that you need to know how to do this. It's not difficult, but if you've never done it, it could be intimidating. I'm sure there are guides online on how to do exactly this.