Linux – Can’t install Kali Linux from USB, fails to find CD-ROM drive


I successfully made a live USB of the Kali Linux.

When I boot from the USB it gives an option to install. I clicked on that option. At one point it was detecting and mounting CD-ROM drives. As I have no CD-drive or any ROM-drive on my laptop, it gives an error

Can't mount and detect CD-ROM drives.

I tried the "live something" option that takes me directly to Kali Linux and it loads successfully but I can't install it permanently. I want to install it so I won't have to waste my time plugging and unplugging the USB.

How to get past the CD-ROM detection and make the installation finish correctly?

Best Answer

You could resolve the error by repeating the steps :

Run the installer.

Open a shell (ALT + F2).

Create the directory cdrom directly on the root of the file system:

mkdir /cdrom

Note : If you got problems making the directory /cdrom, disable the CD-rom player in BIOS or disconnect the cable

Mount the USB as if it is a CD-ROM:

mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /cdrom

Where sdb1 is your USB device.

You could carry on installation now

After executing mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /cdrom, cd into the /cdrom directory and do an ls to see if the files are there. Then press ALT-F1 to go back, continue and re-select "detect CDROM"

Source :ubuntu and debian

Another layman solution was :

when the Window shows CDROM couldn't be mounted ,

  1. Unplug your USB from system and re insert it

  2. wait for mount/ detection (usb LED glow)

  3. Hit Continue

You could do what I did. Hit escape, type install, hit enter, skip CD drive.