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I have windows 10 home, and I'm logged in as my user, which has administrator privilege. I go in the "Task Scheduler", under "Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > UpdateOrchestrator", there's a task named "Reboot". I right-click for the properties, go on "Conditions" and disable "Wake the computer to run this task". When I click on "OK" to save the modification, it asks me for a user+password. (The window says "Enter user account information for running this task").

The "User name" field already comes by default with the value "S-1-5-18" which apparently is one of the internal users of windows. I tried using my password to no success. I changed the user to my user and try my password, also no success. I enabled the "Administrator" user and tried the same with that user, also no success.

The message that it gives me is: "An error has occurred for task Reboot. Error message: The following error was reported: 2147943004". I don't know a correct user/password to change the setting, and I don't know how to take ownership or change permissions so that it won't ask for a user/password.

I'm really upset that there's some setting that I can't modify in my own computer, so I want to know why, and how to get the proper permissions. I seem to have the same problem as this guy, but he never got an answer on how to change this setting. He managed to disable it, I did it too, but still I want to know what I was supposed to do to change the setting, regardless of disabling the task. Also, he's in win10pro and I'm in win10home, so I don't have access to lusrmgr.msc or gpedit.msc.

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upset that there's some setting that I can't modify in my own computer ... I want to know why

You answer your own question. Home is for home users who do not necessarily have the capability to manage or maintain their systems. In locking home users out of some settings like this Microsoft are making some attempt to prevent the horrors of the XP era of unpatched systems where people have turned off updates because they don't understand why they need them and the implications of not getting them.

On to the guts of your question. S-1-5-18 is the LocalSystem user, this is a highly privileged account that normal users, even administrators, are not supposed to be able to interfere with on a day to day basis.

The idea is that we control windows through the userland tools and the operating system will make the necessary changes to the underlying processes that execute as system. Hence your inability to take control of the task you mention. The theory is that you don't change things here, you should be changing them in the graphical interface that you access through the usual settings window.

However there are tricks that you can use to bypass these protections.

To run with the privileges of SYSTEM you can do the following:

  • Get a copy of PSEXEC from sysinternals
  • Run the following in an Administrative CMD window

This will give you a command shell running as SYSTEM in session 0. From here you can execute commands as that user, meaning you will be able to change the function of those scheduled tasks

SCHTASKS /Change is your most likely option, from here you can take control of the tasks, stop, start, delete

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