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I've had some problems in my server and now I need to give some write-permissions on some folders, but I have a lot of folders to do it.

My server is Windows Server 2008, and if I select all folder make a right-click and properties, there's no tab 'Security' to change permissions, I can do it one by one but I lost much time.

Is there any way to give these permissions on my folder fastly ?

Thank you!

Best Answer

  • There are some options, although Im surprised selecting a group and right clicking doesnt give you security.. Anyway

    Check out icacls.

    icacls c:\windows\* /save AclFile /T
    - Will save the ACLs for all files under c:\windows
      and its subdirectories to AclFile.
    icacls c:\windows\ /restore AclFile
    - Will restore the Acls for every file within
      AclFile that exists in c:\windows and its subdirectories.
    icacls file /grant Administrator:(D,WDAC)
    - Will grant the user Administrator Delete and Write DAC
      permissions to file.
    icacls file /grant *S-1-1-0:(D,WDAC)
    - Will grant the user defined by sid S-1-1-0 Delete and
      Write DAC permissions to file.
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