Change Thunderbird’s quote format to use greater-than signs (“>”) instead of margin/border, and bottom-posting


I'm a new Thunderbird user, I've decided to pick it up after changes in Yahoo Mail (so I'm open to suggestions of other mail clients too).

When I reply to an e-mail, I get the quoted text in a format=flowed style with borders:


If I reply in plain-text mode, I get the reply in the format I want:


(I assume the colors won't be sent and are just "syntax highlighting", right?) but I'd like to keep using HTML for features like inline images.

Is there any way I can get that same style of old-school quotes so I can write in bottom-posting format while still using HTML mode? If there is some template somewhere that I'd have to edit, I'd be ok with having to do that.

Best Answer

  • There's an official tutorial about that. "Quote colors" extension is no longer useful for newest versions, so one have to edit .css files by himself.

    Also i'd also recommend taking a look at the similar question at askubuntu (Thundebird is cross-platform as well as its extensions)