Firefox – Changing the fonts of address-bar & search engines in Firefox3.6


I have Firefox 3.6
My screen resolution is 1920*1200 (120 DPI), hence the fonts of Firefox address-bar and Firefox Search Engines are too small.
Can we change the fonts of them ?

Best Answer

    1. Go into %appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[profile-name]\chrome (replace profile-name with whatever it mentions in that particular folder)

    2. Edit the userChrome.css file in WordPad and add this to the bottom:

      /* Make my URL bar and Search bar bigger and bolder. Now dammit. */
      #urlbar, #searchbar .searchbar-textbox{
      font-family: Arial !important; font-size: 16pt }

      Change 16pt and Arial to whatever size and font that you want.

    3. Restart Firefox, voila, URL bar and Search bar font is now bigger.


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