Windows – CHKDSK at boot time on windows 7 without a reason

chkdsksmartwindowswindows 7

My new PC with a fresh windows 7 starts a chkdsk during boot time maybe once a week. The chkdsk always finishes with 0 problems and the computer restarts into windows as normal.

I always shutdown properly this PC and I haven't got any crash that could cause any damage to the filesystem.

I've tried to find some log or event entry to know why the chkdsk starts but I haven't found any.

Is there a log of chkdsk activity?

Could this be that the drive SMART system is finding some problems?

Best Answer

  • It seems it is a bug on the NTFS when two processes access the same file. More details at

    The error gets registered on the windows event registry under System/Ntfs.

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