Windows – Choose an output audio device different from the default on WMP 11

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I like to play my music through a Hi-Fi audio equipment and everything else (like windows sounds, web videos and such) through my default PC speakers.

On WIndows XP I had WMP 9 and I could do that with no problems since I can choose what audio device (which sound card) to use, and that selection is for WMP only, which can be different from Windows' default audio device.

But now that I have Windows Vista and WMP 11 I cannot longer choose an audio device just for WMP, or at least I can't find a way to do it (the control in the options dialog is no longer there).

Was this useful feature really removed from WMP 11? or there is some other way to do it?

Best Answer

  • In Windows Media Player 11 and 12, click Tools > Options > Devices > Speakers > Properties > Select the audio device.

    You may also have to restart WMP for changes to take effect.

    The following screenshot shows where the option is in Windows Media Player 12, Windows 7.

    Screenshot (WMP 12, Win7)
    Click for full size