Google-chrome – Chrome: Any way to assign sticky window name


— 2020 update —
This is a subquestion of a bigger problem I had throughout the years: how to efficiently manage many Chrome windows & tabs?. I'll post another separate question soon to try and adress this, and will link to it here.

Typically I use about 10 different browser windows (always on). I'd like to have a way to set "sticky" window names so that I can locate one I'm looking for quickly when switching (using keyboard shortcut or from the drop down window menu).

For example:

  • Dev documentation
  • Social sites
  • Google drive
  • Other stuff
  • Etc…

Because now, Chrome displays the current window title (of the given web page) which is obviously ever changing, depending on that window's currently active tab. I just found a "hack", a bookmarklet with which I can assign a custom name to the current tab. But then it breaks if I change the active tab in that window and forget to set it back. So I'd like a better solution (an extension I guess, but haven't found so far). Or perhaps some kind of visual hint (to customize that window's border color, etc), so in essence a way to customize the current window, although then that's perhaps less obvious than changing the title directly.

Here's some additional info, I switched back to windows and still trying to tailor that perfect browser experience 😉

  • SSB = Single-Site Browser.

Best Answer

Spaces, is chrome extension that lets one turn browser windows into manageable workspaces.