Chrome auto-fill username/passwords is inconsistant


Chrome will autofill some user/password fields completely. In others, it will wait until you specify a username, at which point it completes the password.

Is it possible to make Chrome complete the username and password by default?

Best Answer

  • This happens to me as well in Firefox.

    The reason is, it can remember as many credentials as you like, on as many sites as you want - however, it only fills in the username and password field IF you only have one stored credential for that site.

    I have not seen a workaround or any way to set a single credential to be the default, but the way around this is simply to go to Settings... and delete any additional credentials for the same site.

    Go to Google Chrome Options > Show saved passwords, and delete any additional passwords for the site.

    The next time you visit the site, it should automatically fill out the correct fields for you without manually having to select the username.

    -I hope this helps, I have tested it for you inside a virtual machine and I can confirm this behaviour on an older version of Chrome, but the latest version (just installed from Ninite) does not have this.

    In addition, some sites have smart systems that randomise the field names such as Hotmail/Passport/Live, so it possible that Chrome simply doesn't understand where to put the information, but once you type the username, it knows and puts the password in the next.