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I switched from Firefox to Chrome as my go-to browser some months ago and there is one piece of functionality that still pesters me. Seems trivial/ignorable but this one is driving me nuts little by little…

I like to be able to highlight text, click CTRL-F, and have the find dialogue come up with the highlighted text prepopulated. Chrome (14.0.+) just shows my last search prepopulated. Is there any extension to help me?

Best Answer

  • If you are on Windows you can use the following Autohotkey script:

    #SingleInstance force
    SetTitleMatchMode 2
    #IfWinActive ,Chrome
    ^f::Send ^c^f^v^a

    When pressing Ctrl+F this hotkeys sends Ctrl+C, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+V and Ctrl+A So it copies, search, paste and select all the copied text in the search box.

    I guess something better could be done, checking the clipboard, but that's out of my Autohotkey knowledge :P

    I have uploaded a compiled script if you don't have Autohotkey