Chrome hack to search bookmarks inside specific folder/folders only


I'm a bookmarks hoarder. I have around 10,000 bookmarks in Google Chrome, nicely organized in folders and sub-folders.

Sometimes I want to search through the bookmarks in a specific folder. Unfortunately the Google Chrome team hasn't come up with anything to help with this yet. Currently, bookmarks search searches through all folders and subfolders.

Anyone know of a hack that can enable this?

Best Answer

  • This isn't necessarily a hack, but came up when I googled search folders for bookmarks or something like that. An extension exists called Atomic Bookmarks which is a bookmarks menu that allows you to search through folders. It is kind of old and isn't a hack, but its a bit easier to execute than a hack too. It also still searches through subfolders, but at least it doesn't search in folders above the current one.