Macos – Cmd + Tab changes desktop on Mojave


After updating system to Mojave when I use Cmd ⌘ Tab ⇥ shortcut it behaves strangely.

I have opened many Chrome windows on different desktops.
When I have focus for example on Sublime Text, and I had focus before on Chrome, then when I press Cmd ⌘ Tab ⇥ it should switch to the Chrome window that is on the same Desktop that active Sublime is, but it doesn't. It switches to a Chrome window on a different Desktop.

It is very frustrating for me because I need to hide all Chrome windows except one, to avoid this behaviour.

Best Answer

I also have this problem. It seems to be more prominent after waking up from sleep.

One temporary fix I use: create a new space in Mission control, drag all the Chrome windows in the "focus-hog" space to the new space (in Mission control, click and drag the Chrome icon up onto the new space), and then drag them back. This seems to reset the behavior for all spaces with Chrome windows.

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