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What tool (preferably for Linux) can select the content of an HTML element based on its CSS path?


For example, consider the following HTML document:

  <div class="header">
  <div class="content">
      <tr><td class="data">Tabular Content 1</td></tr>
      <tr><td class="data">Tabular Content 2</td></tr>
  <div class="footer">

What command-line program (e.g., a kind of "cssgrep") can extract values using a CSS selector? That is:

cssgrep page.html "body > div.content > table > tbody > tr >"

The program would write the following to standard output:

Tabular Content 1
Tabular Content 2

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Thank you!

Best Answer

Use the W3C tools for HTML/XML parsing and extraction of content using CSS selectors. For example:

hxnormalize -l 240 -x filename.html | hxselect -s '\n' -c ""

Will produce the desired output:

Tabular Content 1
Tabular Content 2

Using a line length of 240 characters ensures that elements with long content will not be split across multiple lines. The hxnormalize -x command creates a well-formed XML document, which can be used by hxselect.