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My computer starting freezing (showing 100% disk usage for the boot drive) so I tried restarting. Now it won't get past the motherboard flash screen. If I wait there, it eventually goes to a screen with just a blinking underscore. Going into the UEFI Setup Utility, the drive is listed as SATA3__0. I'm not really sure how to continue here.

Boot drive: Samsung 840 Pro ssd
I have 3 other storage drives (2 hdd and 1 ssd) connected.
Motherboard is an ASRock Z87 Extreme 4.
Window 10

When booting up with Tails OS on a flash drive, the disks utility shows the 2 ssds, but only one of the HDDs. I'm not sure if that's related.

Best Answer

Since you've performed the test of booting from USB successfully, you've confirmed the issue is at least one of the drives (HDD or SSD).

What happens if you unplug all but the boot drive? If that works, you've confirmed the issue is with another drive, or with the power supply being unable to handle the load of all four.

Plug them in one at a time to find the culprit. If it is an HDD that is causing the issue, you can try recovering data, if you do not have a recent backup, though the situation is not sanguine, since the drive does not even appear in the disk utility. Best would be to replace it, if you need the additional storage space, perhaps with an external drive with its own power supply, to avoid the load on the internal one.

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