Windows – Computer Fans go to 100% when shut down

64-bitwindows 7

I have a Asus P5Q Deluex motherboard and ever since I installed Windows 7 when I shutdown or the computer goes into Hibernate mode the fans turn on to 100%. It will be running super quiet when actually using it, then I shut it down and the CPU and the Graphics card fans go crazy.

I have had a read and cannot really see anyone with a similar problem, I am just using the standard motherboard CPU fan controller.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Just to clarify, the come onto 100% and then stay at 100% until the PC is physically unplugged or the PC is running again…

Best Answer

I know one of the servers at my school would do the same thing when booting up, before the OS loaded. I figured it was a safety feature, in that it cooled all the hardware down as best as it could until the OS could load and set the proper parameters, basically as a failsafe for when the fans weren't being managed by software.

Perhaps your system is doing similar?