Concerns about shipping a PC if I move abroad


Should I consider a desktop or a laptop if I was going to be moving abroad?

Generally I would prefer a desktop, since it's generally cheaper for the same specs, but it's about 50% likely that I will have to move to Japan (from UK) for a couple of years in two years or so. I have never heard of anyone traveling with a desktop – is it even possible without getting it destroyed?

If anyone have experience in this area, could you suggest me if It's better to choose a laptop just for this reason? I don't really care about mobility on daily basis that much as I already have a netbook.

Best Answer

My grandmother has done this, though that was before the current climate of air travel and security risks. If you DO check in your desktop, you might want to invest in shock watches - little stickers which let you know if your luggage has been mishandled - in addition to that, it lets the airline staff know that you will know, which would reduce risk somewhat.

You may have to switch the voltage on the PSU if you do move your desktop. I'd also strongly recommend keeping the original packaging and shipping the PC in that, and removing, securely packing, and bringing the hard drives with you.

Also, don't forget that you'd also need a screen, keyboard, mouse and other parts to make a desktop usable. The sheer volume of things needed makes laptops more viable for travel.Even with a mini ITX system, this is a non trivial amount of things to ship

Considering hardware is considerably cheaper in asia than the UK, in my experience, it may be worth just getting what you need in japan. Or just get a laptop or netbook - the price differencial isn't as bad as it used to be.