Configure putty to use HTTP Proxy


I am in corporate network where is strict proxy configured. Only http/https traffic is allowed. But I need to upload some data / manage external server with putty/winscp.

I tried to setup HTTP proxy in putty configuration. I set proxy type (HTTP), hostname and port only, other values are default including proxy command (connect %host %port\n). When I open the connection, proxy return 403 forbidden.

What can I do? Is there any chance to bypass it? Is it possible with putty? I have linux machine in internet, can I install something on it? Thanks.

Best Answer

Probably the network proxy/firewall doesn't allow outbound connections to 22/tcp. You'd need to run the service on a port that's allowed (outbound) by your proxy/firewall, such as 443/tcp.

An alternative would be to install a "management" tool to access a shell a la "webmin" (

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