Networking – Connect to internet with wifi, while wired to a different LAN through ethernet


So I have a small router I'm connected to through an ethernet cable, and I'm having multiple devices connecting to that router through wifi, so they can view my computer screen. Screen sharing on Windows 7. At the same time I would like to use my wifi adapter to connect to a different router which is connected to the internet. So far I can't do them simultaneously.

-First I just tried simply connecting to the wifi and plugging in the cable, but windows gave preference to the ethernet I presumed because the screen sharing was working but I couldn't get to the internet.

-Second I tried tweaking the preference order of adapters in Advanced settings in the Network/Sharing Center. That didn't work.

-Third I tried manually tweaking the metrics in the advanced properties for each adapter to give connection preference to wifi. This half works. I can start screen sharing and that works, and I can connect to the internet wifi network, but when I try to access it (ex. open google chrome), my screen sharing connection is killed. And this is vice versa if I got to the internet first.


Best Answer

The following is a step by step process as to how you can use wireless internet without taking out your ethernet cable out.

  1. Open Network and Sharing Centre ("Network Status" Win10).
  2. Go to "Change Adapter Settings" ("Change adapter options" Win10)
  3. Go to properties of Local Area Network.
  4. Click on Internet Protocol version 4 and go to it's properties.
  5. Click on Advanced
  6. You will see a block checked there by the name of "Automatic Metric".
  7. Uncheck it and then enter 2 in that section.
  8. Now, Do the same for the wireless network but enter 1.

Save the setting and you'll be able to use wifi even when your ethernet cable is connected to the LAN.