Connecting SATA Hard Disk drive as a slave/seconda disk to a PC

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I have a motherboard with only two SATA ports. I am using both, one for a HDD and one to a CDROM/DVD.

I want to connect a second SATA hard disk drive(HDD), but as stated the mother board I have does not have an extra SATA connector.

So I just unplugged the CDROM/DVD SATA connector and power connector and used them to connect this second SATA HDD to the existing system.

Question: Is this correct way of connecting a second SATA disk as slave?

The PC did booted up(Windows-7 x64) but could not show me the second disk as a drive?

Question 2: If everything else is fine, should this drive be detected?

Best Answer

yes this is the way to go. You can connect only one device per channel

It is strange you have only 2 SATA ports on the motherboard - maybe very old one