Outlook – Convert Outlook .ost file to .pst


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Is there any way to “restore” a .pst (Outlook Personal Folder) or .ost (Offline Folder file)?

Here's the situation…

We outsource our Exchange hosting to a 3rd party company. We had a user leave last week and the email provider was supposed to export her mailbox to a .pst for our Help Desk (where I work). I pulled .pst file from them today and it was only 265 KB! You have to be kidding me…

I have a full system backup of this users computer from less than a week ago and their .ost file is 445 MB so I know the user had email. The email provider has already removed her mailbox. I've contacted them about the problem and am waiting to hear back.

My question for everyone is, how do I go about extracting email from an .ost file or is it possible to "convert" it to a .pst file? Can anyone see any other options?

EDIT: This is for Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2007.

Best Answer

If you have a backup of the machine, you can fire up outlook with the 445MB OST in place and remove the network cable. Outlook will start in "disconnected mode" if you are lucky, and you should have access to the entire OST. You can then create a new PST, and copy everything in using the traditional drag and drop Outlook GUI.

Best of luck, this is not an easy situation.