Convert YouTube DASH audio (youtube-dl) to m4a (AAC DL)

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I am unable to listen to m4a DASH audio I download from YouTube via youtube-dl on Winamp. Is there an option in youtube-dl to remove the DASH audio part of m4a file and download/save it as an m4a (AAC LC) without loss of quality? So far, I am using ffmpeg -i input.m4a -vn -acodec copy output.m4a to convert each file so it plays properly in Winamp.

Best Answer

youtube-dl 2015.01.23.4 and newer will automatically correct the header of the m4a file if ffmpeg is present on the system.

Source: youtube-dl : Youtube m4a files downloaded with --extract-audio can't play in some players
All you have to do is to add the path to the directory containing the ffmpeg binary to your system path variable (like so in Windows 7):

Or use the --ffmpeg-location <path to ffmpeg binary or its containing directory> command line argument when calling youtube-dl, to allow youtube-dl through ffmpeg to automatically correct this.