Copy a large file over an unreliable link


This isn't really a question about programming, but it is a question about working as a programmer. I hope this is an appropriate forum for this question.

I work from home. My Windows XP based laptop connects through a VPN to the network of my employer. Occasionally, I need to download a large file (~2.5 GB) that is shared on a network drive. While it's possible to just drag-and-drop the file using Windows explorer, to copy the file, there is a good chance that the VPN will timeout or my internet connection will flake out at some point during the transfer.

So what I'm looking for is a way to copy a large file that supports resuming if the connection fails. I initially tried to use rsync from within cygwin, but I don't think I had the right set of options.

I was doing "rsync -aP src_file_path dest_file_path". It would download correctly if the transfer completed without error, but if it crashed, when I issued the command again, it would start downloading the entire file.

Best Answer

  • You might also try robocopy, an xcopy replacement that ships in Vista, and is available in the Windows XP Resource Kit.

    Robocopy contains options (/Z) for copying files in "restartable" (read: resumable) mode.

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