Copy entry from one keepass file to another


Is it possible to copy&paste an entry from one keepass file to another? Both are opened.

I tried CTRL+C and CTRL+V to the other file, but does not work this way.

I also tried to drag and drop a duplicate to the other instance, but it does not work.

I am using V 2.42.1 (latest version)

Context Menu showing on right click at the entry:

Context Menu

Best Answer

The options to copy/paste entries from one database to another do not appear in the context menu anymore as of KeePass v2.43.

You can use instead the top menu, or the keyboard shortcuts CtrlShiftC / CtrlShiftV. Make sure you do the paste operation before the clipboard timer expires.

copy screenshot paste screenshot

If you get this message while copying the entry, this is probably because the corresponding policy is disabled:

This operation is disallowed by the application policy. Ask your administrator to allow this operation.

The following policy flag is required:

Copy Whole Entries.

msgbox screenshot

options screenshot