Could I make the own USB Type A/A cable


Can I

  • take two USB 2.0 cables,
  • take the end that doesn't plug into the computer (the "receptacle" or "Type B" one),
  • cut it off,
  • then re-attach the two cables,

so I can plug both ends to my computer?

The reason why I'm looking to do this, is because I have an eBook reader that requires a PC sync through USB, and its USB receptacle is exact same port found on all computers.

To clarify, the ends I need look like this:

male A

And I'm looking to make a cable that has just this kind of plug. Like this: male A to male A USB cable

Best Answer

Sure. there's no reason you can't connect the two cable ends. It's probably not worth the effort, though, because you can order this kind of cable online for very little.