Windows – Could I save printer’s ink/toner by changing the font


I'm developing a Microsoft Word document that reached more than 200 pages and I want to print it using my Laserjet or my father's Inkjet printer.

I can save paper using both sides of each sheet, however I can't save ink/toner using smaller fonts or un-bolding words (I already did it), so I started wondering about the fonts that I was using.

For example, the most used fonts, Arial and Times New Roman have specific and relevant differences with regards to ink consumption:

Arial font sample has uniform width across all the letters, and is more easily readable and "clean to see".

Times New Roman font sample has narrow width on center and an enlargement at the ends.

Using Times New Roman will certainly save ink/toner but will also "pollute" the reader vision over time.

So, there is some specific font (from more than 100 that I have on Windows) that could save ink and also keep a clean text?

Best Answer

University of Wisconsin Green Bay changed to Century Gothic, which they claim uses roughly 30 percent less ink when printed on paper. Here's an article on the University change.

Folks at Ecofont say theirs saves more. Looks like a bit of a debate but ongoing research might find a winner.

Here is an EcoFont comparison with other well known fonts.

enter image description here

Here are Arial and EcoFont compared:

enter image description here

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