CPU cooler does not fit, will it cool worse if I cut tips of heatpipes off


Case: zalman z9 neo

Cooler: deepcool gammaxx 400

According to specs it should fit, but it does not, probably because my motherboard is mini-itx and cooler located a bit to the left

I'm thinking that cutting off those tips of heatpipes on the left would solve that; if I do that, will cooler work worse, like heatpipes would transfer heat not as good or something?

does not fit[1]

Best Answer

Heat pipes are a sealed tube in which liquid (contained inside the heat pipe) converts to vapour under heat, transferring the heat to the colder heat-sink end. As which point it cools, condensates back to liquid, and returns to the hot end (at the CPU).

If you crack/puncture them, then they will cease to function, wrecking the CPU cooler.

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