Linux – Create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive (UEFI) from Linux

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How can I create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive from Linux ?

Please note:

  • WinUSB doesn't work with Windows 10.
  • UNetbootin doesn't work either.
  • dd method didn't work as well.

Beside this, I've tried creating a GPT partition table and one partition of type ef00 and formatted as fat32, and then copied all ISO contents to it. It boots OK, but when I go to start installation it shows the prompt for media dialog.


Another try:

  1. Created a GPT
  2. Created a FAT32 at end of drive of 50 MB
  3. Created NTFS at remaining space
  4. Put UEFI:NTFS on FAT32
  5. Copied ISO content to NTFS

The installation starts ok, but at start of progress shows error 0xc0000005 (if i remember correctly).

Best Answer

You did all right. Make gpt table with fat32 and copy all data from iso on it. But you also need to set flag "msftdata"(not "boot") on this partition with e.g. parted.