Linux – Create a Linux (Knoppix) bootable USB (with multiple partitions) with Linux or Mac OS X


I want to create a Knoppix bootable USB flash drive. I've found instructions about how to do this, but I would like to do it fulfilling the following conditions:

The USB I am planning to use has 8 GB capacity, and Knoppix only needs 700 MB (I'll use the little CD version, not the humongous DVD one). I would like to use as little of the capacity of the USB flash drive (I was planning to use 1 GB for the Knoppix bootable disk and the rest as free space). The remaining free space would be a FAT32 partition, so I can use it as a "regular" USB drive.

I am currently using a Debian PC; I would appreciate instructions on how to do this using Linux, and (optionally) OS X.

Best Answer

First you have to partition the pendrive (lets assume it's mouted as /dev/sdc) into two seperate partitions. you can achieve this with the gparted utility in debian.You can type in terminal


to open this utility.There are a plethora of manual on using gparted on internet (also on creating a usb bootable linux distro).

create two partitions out of your device according to your choice , using gparted.In this case it would be something like sdc1 and sdc2.

There is a utility called yumi in linux to create bootable pendrive.To install this utility just type

apt get install yumi

in terminal. use yumi to install knoppix in sdc1 assuming sdc1 is the volume in which you have to install knoppix. the second partition will be accesible from linux distros and modern windows operating systems.