Cursor jumping backwards


When I type text on my laptop, sometimes the cursor jumps backwards. Here's an example of a sentence which I have just typed into the question box:

1We 2hold 3theo 6be 7self-evident, 8that 9all 10men 11are 12created 13equal…se 4truths 5t

After the "t" in "5to", the cursor jumps back to the first "e" in "these". It's not an application-specific problem; the same thing happens when I use Notepad and Notepad++. Curiously, "t" seems to the most error-prone key. Have you ever experienced something similar?

Techincal specs:
* Lenovo G560 laptop
* Windows 7 Ultimate operating system (64-bit).

Things I have tried which didn't help:
* Re-installing Windows 7
* Running a full virus scan with Microsoft Security Essentials

Best Answer

Try turning tapping off on your touch Pad, you could be accidentally selecting earlier parts of your text, in most drivers you can disable tapping for x seconds while typing.

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