Debian – how to install gparted on live fedora usb


i have recently removed ubuntu and installed debian on my entire hdd. currently /dev/sda1, the partition debian is on, takes up almost all of /dev/sda, minus 3gb which is a swap partion.
i would like to dual boot fedora, which i have on a live version on a usb. however when trying to install fedora, it was giving me a hard time resizing the /dev/sda1 partion so i could complete the install.
i figured i could just boot the live usb of fedora, open gparted, and resize the partions that way. however, for some reason after
sudo apt-get install synaptic;
synaptic is not able to be found on the live fedora… so i did
sudo apt-get install gparted;
and similarly i, after seemingly installing both synaptic and gparted, am unable to find either on the live fedora.

i feel like im trying to pull myself up by my boots here, what am i doing wrong

Best Answer

Fedora does not use the Debian family package managers, apt-get, aptitude, apt-cache... It has its own package manager called yum: you ought to look it up here. This way you will certainly find Gparted.