Decompress ZIP with given encoding


I got ZIP file(s), which contains files, which filenames are in some encoding. Let's say I know encoding of those filenames, but I still dont know how to properly decompress them.

Here is example file, it contains one file
"【SSK字幕组】The Vampire Diaries 吸血鬼日记S06E12.ass"

I know used encoding is GB18030 (Chinese)

Question is – how to unpack that file in FreeBSD using unzip or other CLI utility to get proper encoded filename? I tried everything what I could, but result was never good. Please help.

I tried on OSX:

MBP1:test 2ge$ bsdtar xf
MBP1:test 2ge$ ls
%A1%BESSK%D7%D6Ļ%D7顿The Vampire Diaries %CE%FCѪ%B9%ED%C8ռ%C7S06E12/
MBP1:test 2ge$ cd %A1%BESSK%D7%D6Ļ%D7顿The\ Vampire\ Diaries\ %CE%FCѪ%B9%ED%C8ռ%C7S06E12/
MBP1:%A1%BESSK%D7%D6Ļ%D7顿The Vampire Diaries %CE%FCѪ%B9%ED%C8ռ%C7S06E12 2ge$ ls
%A1%BESSK%D7%D6Ļ%D7顿The Vampire Diaries %CE%FCѪ%B9%ED%C8ռ%C7S06E12.ass*
MBP1:%A1%BESSK%D7%D6Ļ%D7顿The Vampire Diaries %CE%FCѪ%B9%ED%C8ռ%C7S06E12 2ge$ find . | iconv -f gb18030 -t utf-8
./%A1%BESSK%D7%D6L抬%D7椤縏he Vampire Diaries %CE%FC血%B9%ED%C8占%C7S06E12.ass 
MBP1:%A1%BESSK%D7%D6Ļ%D7顿The Vampire Diaries %CE%FCѪ%B9%ED%C8ռ%C7S06E12 2ge$ convmv -r -f gb18030 -t utf-8 --notest .
Skipping, already UTF-8: ./%A1%BESSK%D7%D6Ļ%D7顿The Vampire Diaries %CE%FCѪ%B9%ED%C8ռ%C7S06E12.ass

I tried similar with unzip, but I get similar problem.

Thanks, now trying on FREE BSD, where I am connecting using SSH from OSX (Terminal):

# locale

The first thing, I would like to is to proper show Chinese names. I changed

setenv LC_ALL zh_CN.GB18030
setenv LANG zh_CN.GB18030

Then I downloaded file and try to "ls" to see proper characters, but not luck. So I think I have to solve first Chinese locale to verify when I get proper result, actually I can compare it. Can you also help me please with this?

Best Answer

Here's what I do on Ubuntu 16.04 to unzip a zip in any encoding, as long as I know what that encoding is. The same method should work on FreeBSD because it only relies on widely available unzip tool.

  1. I double-check the exact name of the encoding, as to not misspell it:

  2. I simply run

    $ unzip -O <encoding> <filename> -d <target_dir>


    $ unzip -I <encoding> <filename> -d <target_dir>

    choosing between -O or -I according to instructions here:

    $ unzip -h
    UnZip 6.00 of 20 April 2009, by Debian. Original by Info-ZIP.
      -O CHARSET  specify a character encoding for DOS, Windows and OS/2 archives
      -I CHARSET  specify a character encoding for UNIX and other archives

    which means that I simply try -O and it should work, because not a lot of people would create a .zip file in Unix...

So, for your specific example:

  1. The exact encoding name is GB18030.

  2. I use the -O flag and:

    $ unzip -O GB18030 -d target_dir
       creating: target_dir/【SSK字幕组】The Vampire Diaries 吸血鬼日记S06E12/
      inflating: target_dir/【SSK字幕组】The Vampire Diaries 吸血鬼日记S06E12/【SSK字幕组】The Vampire Diaries 吸血鬼日记S06E12.ass

    ... it works.