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macbook promousetouchpad

I'm looking for a way to define the right click area on the trackpad of the macbook pro – the one without a seperate mousebutton.

I'm using the option 'secondary click' where the bottom left (or right) corner works as an area to simulate a right click on a mouse. Unfortunately that ends in too many right-clicks in my workflow, although I'm just clicking 'near' the right/left corner. I want to have this area smaller, that would be awesome. Any ideas how to accomplish this ?

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  • Through a comment left by daxelrod, I tried BetterTouchTool, which is still not doing what I actually wanted, but at the same time it did!

    It's not possible (as far as I know) to define areas for clicking, but when you turn off Macintoshs own right-click/secondary click in the corner and define pretty much the same action in Better Touch Tool, the area will be as small as a thumb right in the edge of the corner - just what I wanted.

    Posted as an answer in case someone else is interested in that too. I still wouldn't mind to find out about other ways to do this!

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