Linux – Deleted a partition, now getting ‘Gave up waiting for suspend/resume device’ message during boot


I've recently deleted a partition around 8GB in size. This partition was located after the main partition, but seems to not be critical as I can still boot the OS and run all the applications.

The boot process now takes an extra two-minutes to complete, displaying the following messages:

Gave up waiting for suspend/resume device
/dev/sda4: clean, .../... files .../... blocks
[ ***] A start job is running for dev-disk-by\.....\....\... .device
Dependencies failed!

My question is:

What was this second partition, and how can restore or recreate it?

Best Answer

I just encountered that same error message on Debian and a similar boot delay, with a slight variation: I knew that I had just voluntarily deleted my swap partition, and didn't plan to recreate it.

The partition was no longer listed in /etc/fstab but the delay persisted. Nothing in /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume (Thanks @KamilMaciorowski for the hint).

The key was to figure out that the initial RAM disk is "compiled", and in some case (like this), must be regenerated. Solution: sudo update-initramfs -u.