Dexpot carries malware


Dexpot appears to have a lion market share as far as virtual desktop managers go. It also seems to have a rep for adware/bloatware or worse; at least the site does:

Some of the bloatware listed is Conduit, MyFreeGames, OpenCandy

I've been trying to figure out whether Dexpot is safe to install; but since someone said it's is an opinion-based question, I'll be more specific:

  1. Is Dexpot shipped with malware?

  2. What is the malware's payload? Would it do something as malicious as install a keylogger or steal a credit card?

  3. Can the malware be removed?

phearce 09/16/2013 Malware or viruses Potentially unwanted programs
The Desktop Clock software came "bundled" with the
nearly-impossible-to-remove Conduit and MyFreeGames- toolbar malware.

Very disappointing: the wallpaper clock is such a well executed idea.


"All benefits are undone by coupling with malware" September 23, 2013
| By justajiggolo
The version I downloaded (vie dexpot's own site, came bundled with conduit "Search hijacker" – > giant PITA to remove, and you have to remove it from ALL browsers that you use.

Best Answer

You are correct to assume that no malware scan finds all malware... but there ARE sites that multi-test programs. has tested Dexpot May5 2014 (2 days ago as of this post) and found it is clean from 27 different tests.

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