Different ssid on the same channel


My friend's home wifi network was set up by the service provider, and I noticed that the (single) router is broadcasting 3 SSIDs.
One of them is 5 Ghz, but the other two is 2.4 Ghz and on the same channel.

I was wondering whether that makes sense. Wouldn't the two 2.4 Ghz networks interfere with each other?

Best Answer

  • It's probably routing a guest and private network - this is fairly common.

    There is an impact, but this can be managed, and it's better for the router to use the same frequencies rather then overlapping ones. (WIFI devices can manage co-ordinate sending across multiple AP's)

    CISCO has a nice paper on it - https://documentation.meraki.com/MR/WiFi_Basics_and_Best_Practices/Multi-SSID_Deployment_Considerations

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