Disable JavaScript input in address bar – Firefox only


I am looking for a way of doing this because my PC is used by more people. Just in case they need to see my saved passwords, they can just type some JavaScript in the address bar and voila..they can see the values of some of my login forms..

I googled and googled but found nothing that can help me customize Firefox by disabling the javascript: pseudo-protocol.

Any ideas?

Best Answer

If your machine is used by more than just you and those other users have the same rights to the machine that you have, then you can't disable JavaScript (or anything else) in a way that will prevent them re-enabling it. All modern OSes (including Windows, at least Vista and up and probably earlier) have the ability to restrict (even encrypt) the data in your account's home directory, which is where Firefox stores your information. If you use named user accounts on your system (whether it's Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc.), you should be able to protect your privacy in a much more robust way than by trying to disable JavaScript.