Windows – disable new Microsoft Edge

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I want to disable the new Microsoft Edge running on an HP laptop equipped with Windows 10. Various instructions say select the Microsoft Edge folder, right click the mouse, and then rename the folder. However, the "rename" option does not appear after right-clicking.

Best Answer

Taking ownership of Windows sensitive folders is a bad idea that can backfire in the future. Instead, try the following.

To disable Microsoft Edge from running at the background:

  1. Open the Settings app

  2. Select Privacy, then Background apps

  3. On the "Background apps" page find "Microsoft Edge" and click it to Off.

To totally remove Microsoft Edge

This method has unknown side-effects on Windows and it is unknown for how long it will be effective.

The tool to use is Technet's PowerShel script Windows 10 Store Apps Uninstaller.

This script lets remove some of the built-in apps that Windows otherwise won’t let you remove. It will only remove the Windows app for the user account currently logged on.