Windows – Disable or delay Alt+Tab Aero Peek effect in Windows 7

alt-tabthumbnailstransparencywindowwindows 7

In Windows 7 pressing Alt+Tab shows the transparent windows (Aero) effect. The screen change is distracting while I'm trying to figure out which window to switch to based on the thumbnail preview (which is sufficient for me most of the time). Is there any way to turn off the Aero Peek effect or delay its activation to something like 6 seconds or so?

On the Taskbar the Aero Peek effect is brought up on-demand when I mouse over the actual thumbnails. This behavior is not an issue and if I have a choice, I do not want it to be turned off.

Best Answer

You might find vistaswitcher more to your liking. It gives an instant preview box mid-screen (configurable), without doing the slow transparency fade. Try it!